Ponente in the Kitchen

Ponente in the Kitchen

An extraordinary day that will first allow you to know everything about the basic ingredient of Ligurian cuisine, extra virgin olive oil, and then to  learn to cook some of our most typical dishes.

In the morning visit to the Museo dell’Olivo (closed Sundays), with the adjoining modern factory and adjacent shop of the Fratelli Carli di Imperia company. Granted the European Museum of the Year Award in 1993, under the patronage of the Council of Europe, the museum is located in the heart of Oneglia, ancient traditional olive oil port.
After the visit, departure to Porto Maurizio, characterized by its historic old town perched on a promontory called Parasio, with its Piazza del Duomo, which is overlooked by the Palazzo del Collegio and the Palazzo della Questura.  Do not miss a visit to the Logge di Santa Chiara with the adjoining convent of the same name founded in 1365 and still inhabited by the cloistered Clarisse Nuns.

Return to hotel for lunch and short siesta.
By mid-afternoon,  you can expect an interesting course on Ligurian cuisine.

The course will enable you to discover an infinite source of specialties related to the local culinary tradition.  Among the dishes prepared by Chef  you will appreciate panissa, a kind of polenta made with chickpea flour;  Barbagiuai,  stuffed pumpkin fritters with ricotta cheese; and finally one of the sweet delicacies such as Stroscio,  a dessert based on extra virgin olive oil, wine, flour and sugar. At the end of the course a dinner  will be offered with tasting of the dishes prepared earlier.