Itineraries based on food and wine tourism in the Italian Riviera, designed to allow you to become acquainted with  the wines and local products of Ligurian cuisine.

Allow yourself to be tempted by the culinary treasures of the Riviera di Ponente, in an intense and savory journey that will lead you to love our cuisine.  Here you will find a meeting point between sea and mountains, whose  protagonists since ancient times have been the divine Athena, goddess of extra virgin olive oil, and Dionysus, god of wine, both instrumental in the most genuine Mediterranean diet.

Seeking out the gold of the Ponente, you’ll discover a more secluded Italian Riviera, consisting of olive groves and vineyards wrested tenaciously from the  Maritime Alps.  You will visit villages perched high on the tops of hills, with picturesque little lanes and bold bell towers; small olive oil mills; high mountains and deep valleys that plunge into a stunning blue sea.

Our famous homemade pasta, pesto, stuffed vegetables and bread have long since outgrown the boundaries of our territory, but you’ll experience a rediscovery of their original taste by accompanying them with our olive oil and with the nectar of the Riviera: Rossese, Ormeasco,Vermentino, Pigato: wines of great tradition; always produced in limited quantities, intense in aroma and taste, they are the perfect emblem of a sunny land of vibrant and luminous colors.