The inhabitants of the Riviera di Ponente, a narrow strip of land that lies between the Mediterranean and the Alps,  have had a mixed relationship with their sea throughout the course of history.  Main source of wealth in ancient Phoenician, Greek and Roman times, when olive oil production ships sailed the coast, the Ligurian Sea became dangerous in the Middle Ages, when the Saracens ruled the waves, while the Genoese were  powerful but also hostile.

The coastline, showing evident traces of a thriving classical antiquity, was counterbalanced by a strong development of the  more inaccessible and secluded inland areas, where a constellation of small stone villages flourished along the road of salt and pilgrimages; the life of this area has been characterized by the seasons of the vine and the olive tree for more than a thousand years.

This  is a novel Italian Riviera,  a Riviera that has been ignored since the birth of modern tourism in the mid-nineteenth century, when tours were entirely concentrated along the coast; a Riviera which is now able to reveal ancient traditions and unspoiled landscapes.

Our utmost ambition is to provide customized solutions to the most inquisitive tourists.  Thus, we invite you to discover an intimate and charming Riviera through three major themes:

  • food and wine tourism with Athena and Dionysus
  • botanical and floral naturalistic tourism with the Muses of the Riviera
  • marine naturalistic tourism with the Sirens of the Riviera

Once you have explored our proposals, which are organized into actual typical days, you can request a  solution tailored to your wishes by filling out the quotation request,  and we will carefully formulate a customized offer.