A day-trip devoted to the fascinating world of flower cultivation, one of the main sources of income in our region.

If you are feeling brave, you should get up at dawn just to visit the flower market in San Remo – the most important center of its kind in the Mediterranean area – here you can simply plunge into a sea of flowers and enjoy the lively bargaining that surrounds the scene.

During the morning a visit to Albenga to visit some companies that are in the forefront of nursery gardening. Here you will find out how the famous aromatic Ligurian herbs – such as lavender, rosemary, basil, and sage – are cultivated and then exported  all over the world in millions of little plant pots.

In the afternoon a visit to the Patrucco Nursery in Diano Castello. The Patrucco family has a long tradition of expertise in hybridization. They invented the famous “Dallas” red rose and have been the official suppliers of flowers to the Vatican for years. In fact every year their roses adorn both the altar at St. Peter’s and the stage for the famous concert on Christmas Day.