Let us lead you along an extraordinary journey to discover the most fragrant flowers and the most rare plants,  perennial sources of inspiration for the greatest artists of all time.

No ordinary holiday, but a compelling route for those who love the fragrance of the most beautiful roses,  the colors of the most elegant orchids, the majesty of the rarest palm trees, the silvery green of the oldest olive trees.

A unique opportunity to gather, on one palette, all the colors of the most charming sections of the Riviera:  from the fabulous Principality of Monaco to the  superb city of Genoa, while taking advantage of the hospitality of the City of Flowers par excellence, San Remo.

We invite you to spend  a truly original vacation with us, alternating between the discovery of the most beautiful glimpses of our coasts, and the revelation of those truly authentic art galleries, namely our botanical gardens, not forgetting the unique opportunity to visit the locales of cultivation of aromatic plants and ornamental flowers, which are a mainstay of our economy.