From Roman times to the present day, we suggest a truly evocative museum trip, which will lead you in the footsteps of the most experienced navigators.

In the morning transfer to Albenga, where we take you back in time with a visit to the fascinating Museo Navale Romano, founded in 1950 with the materials recovered during thirteen submarine archaeological excavations from the wreck of a Roman ship sunk in the inlet of Albenga. The wreck is the most famous of all those discovered so far in the western Mediterranean, and belongs to the largest known transport ship, which was capable of  carrying over ten thousand amphorae.

Having sailed the seas of classical antiquity, in the afternoon we take you to discover the history of the naval heritage of  the Italian Riviera by visiting the International Naval Museum in Imperia. The museum is a recent institution: founded only in 1980, in only a few years it has attracted worldwide attention because of the rapidity and the thoroughness of its continuous development,  the methodical research undergone and the competent promotion of its findings.