We can offer you a fascinating journey through time – from Roman times to the present time – following the steps of the greatest navigators.

In the morning a visit to the marvellous Roman Naval Museum in Albenga. The museum was founded in 1950 thanks to the salvage of a Roman ship sunk just off Albenga. It took thirteen campaigns of submarine archaeological excavations to retrieve the ship from the sea bed. This is the most famous wreckage ever discovered in the western Mediterranean sea and came from the largest transport ship even known – it could hold more than ten thousand amphorae.

After sailing the sea of our classical ancestors, the afternoon will be devoted to the discovery of the history of Ligurian naval heritage. You will thus visit the International Naval Museum in Imperia. The museum was founded in 1980 but in this very short span of time it has managed to establish itself thanks to the swiftness and reliability of its continuous development, its research methods, and the qualified assignment of its finds.