The Riviera, a land of sea and mountains, is also a land of fine wines, produced in limited quantities on terraces improvised along inaccessible mountain valleys.

In the morning transfer to Dolceacqua, the pearl of Valle Nervia: a delightful medieval village, enhanced by an ancient humpbacked bridge and the ruins of the castle of the Doria.  Here, among local workshops, we will take you to discover the nectar of the Riviera: the Rossese di Dolceacqua, a rare red wine with an intense flavor,  the first Ligurian wine ever to be granted the DOC guarantee of origin and quality.

For lunch, a visit to the cantina of the Gajaudo family, where you can enjoy the full range of wines of the Ligurian Riviera, accompanied by delicious specialties of the valley.

In the afternoon a visit to the ancient medieval village of Apricale, which clings to the mountainside with its narrow lanes, where you can taste the most ancient Ligurian snack:  zabaglione con le pansarole, little pastries covered with powdered sugar.